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This training course has been specifically designed as a post-graduate qualification for professional food and drinks industry auditors. It incorporates classroom teaching, distance learning and practical experience in a unique program of instruction. The program covers important controls operating in the food industry and an explanation of how food safety and quality auditing has developed. The learning materials include information about how audit addresses the legal responsibilities of food business operators and provides learners with the practical skills required to conduct competent audits against a number of audit standards. The delivery and assessment of the program is split into 3 distinct phases as follows;


Phase 1

3 months of classroom teaching

Phase 3

Practical auditing experience

Phase 2

6 months distance learning

Supply chain

Legal responsibility of food business operators


Allergens control

Microbiology and food  poisoning

Food preservation techniques

Types of audit

Audit standards

Stages of an audit

Auditor skills

Designing audit trails and managing non conformance

Certified auditor specification

Certified Food Auditor Qualification